CNC machining
CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and is a technique used in controlling an advanced computer. CNC machining is both CNC milling and CNC turning, which are techniques for the manufacture of various metal or paste blanks. These are some very safe techniques, and they are really good for making production series with, as it is relatively easy to get the items the same, and it also goes relatively quickly.

Sheet metal working
Sheet metal processing is where you work with sheets of, for example, steel, aluminum and thermoplastic. You may need different topics for the project you are working on. Some of these components might be made of sheets. There are many options with plates. You can, for example, turn, mill and drill the plates. This opens up many possibilities. If you choose to have something done to some of the plates, then it is important that you go to a professional who is in control of your equipment and material. In this way, the best result is ensured

TIG welding
Tig stands for tungsten inert gas, and is like MIG / MAG welding a shielding gas welding. The TIG process involves passing an inert gas through the welding head and down onto the welding workpiece itself. This means that the melting area is protected against other gas forms such as oxygen and other things. This is really important, as otherwise there is a risk that the material will oxidize or the like. This gives a really bad result. Therefore, it is also important that you talk to some professionals and get the right advice so that you get the right TIG welding.

Bending of pipes
There are several methods of pipe bending to create the pipe systems that you just exactly need. One of the methods is, among other things, bending of pipes. It is an advanced method that requires a lot of experience and the right equipment for everything to be perfect. However, pipe bending is a method that is cheaper than welding, and it can also give a somewhat better result, as the pipe is not assembled from several parts.

Punching is an industrial process where you process thin sheets of, for example, metal, plastic and rubber etc .. What you do is take out a geometric workpiece by "cutting" along a long side. And it is then this topic that is to be used in the further course. Punching is a rather rough process, and therefore there will often be other processes after this to get the desired result. However, you can also use fine punching, which is sometimes used for items for watches and other appliances.

ME welding
Another welding method is shielding gas welding, which also goes into arc welding. Shielding gas welding is where shielding gas is blown onto the weld while making it. This should ensure that the melting components do not oxidize as the result will not be good if this is the reality. Within shielding gas welding, there are several different methods. Including MIG welding.

Rolling pipes
Rolling of pipes is an advanced method of bending and bending pipes so that they fit into, for example, a sewer system. It is a process that requires a lot of experience and the best machine, as even the smallest mistakes can make you have to redo it all. Today, with the help of advanced CNC machines, one can fairly easily roll pipes so that they become absolutely perfect.