Miele white goods was founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Even then, there was fierce competition for the market. Therefore, they found on the slogan "Always better", as it was the only way they could for success. Carl and Reinhard showed that if they were to be successful, they also had to come up with the best products. Therefore, there are no other companies whose products have as long a lifespan as Mieles has. Miele designs everything from private use to industrial use, and all kinds of machines.

Miele refrigerators
Miele are known for white goods, especially for their refrigerators. There are a lot of different models. There are some of Miele's refrigerators that have a PerfectFresh zone which keeps the food completely fresh up to 3 times longer than a regular refrigerator. Other refrigerators have DynaCool, which, for example, provides faster cooling of food. Other refrigerators again have the NoFrost function, where circulation of cool air prevents the formation of frost so that your food is not damaged

Miele dishwasher
especially for their dishwashers with Pefect GlassCare built-in. This function ensures that the water has the optimum hardness, so that the glasses are still washed gently, while at the same time being completely clean. There is also a feature called Program Fin. Which makes delicate happy and service parts are gently washed. Most of Miele's dishwashers have a built-in SensorDry, which means that no matter how much service there is in the dishwasher and what temperature is washed with, SensorDry ensures optimal drying

Miele ovens
Miele has a lot of special programs. Including Miele's Climate Program, where their Hot Air Plus and moisture give the optimal result when cooking. The ovens are equipped with a wireless thermometer so that the meat gets an individual and accurate roasting of meat, fish and poultry.

Miele vacuum cleaner
Miele is known for their vacuum cleaner, made up of the latest technology. For example, all Miele vacuum cleaners have a filter effect. This means that most dirt particles and odors are safely removed from both the floor and the air. All vacuum cleaners also have a really powerful motor, which ensures a complete cleaning. All these components ensure that you get the satisfactory cleaning of both furniture and floor

Miele vacuum cleaner bags
For Miele vacuum cleaners, there are of course a lot of accessories for that in among vacuum cleaner bags. Here are 5 good reasons to always use Miele's original vacuum cleaner accessories:

The cleaning effect is optimized
Possibility of individual customization
Quality and safety are top notch
Gentle cleaning of floor coverings and furniture
Filter systems that ensure the highest standard of hygiene

Miele dryer
The Miele dryer has a unique Miele Softcare drum, which guarantees you optimal gentle drying. All Miele dryers are equipped with a wide range of functions and special programs, which provide gentle care and the optimal drying result of even the most demanding textiles.

Miele washing machine
Miele washing machines have a built-in Miele Softcare drum, which guarantees you the optimal gentle wash. There is also a built-in SteamCare system, which means that your ironing work is reduced by up to 50%. All washing machines have a stain program. There is a list of 22 spot types where you can select 3 spot types at once. Then the machine will make the best possible program to remove these stains. Miele washing machines are also environmentally friendly. They can be set to a wash temperature of 20 degrees or colder. Which also ensure you an even gentle wash